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Soft Foam Rolls

Optimal Protection With Flexible Soft Foam Rolls

When you’re in need of quality foam packaging products, turn to Source Mountain Supply. Soft foam rolls are flexible and lightweight packaging materials made from soft polyurethane foam. These rolls are designed to provide cushioning and protection for delicate items during shipping, handling, and storage. With their soft and pliable nature, soft foam rolls conform to the shape of packaged items, ensuring optimal protection against impacts and vibrations. Contact us for a free quote!

Benefits of Soft Foam Rolls

  • Soft and Flexible: Soft foam rolls are pliable and flexible, conforming to the shape of packaged items for a snug fit.
  • Cushioning: Offers excellent cushioning properties, protecting fragile items from shocks, bumps, and vibrations.
  • Lightweight: Despite their cushioning capabilities, soft foam rolls are lightweight, minimizing added weight to packages.
  • Versatility: Available in various thicknesses and widths, soft foam rolls can be easily cut and tailored to fit specific packaging needs.
  • Reusable: Soft foam rolls can be reused multiple times, providing cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions.

How Are Our Soft Foam Rolls Commonly Used?


  • Fragile Items: Used to wrap delicate items such as glassware, ceramics, electronics, and artwork for safe transportation.
  • Sensitive Equipment: Provides cushioning for sensitive equipment and components during shipping and handling.
  • Shipping and Storage: Ideal for protecting items in transit and storage from damage caused by impacts and vibrations.


  • Product Display: Enhances product presentation by providing a soft and protective surface for retail displays.
  • Gift Wrapping: Used as decorative wrapping material for gifts and packages, adding a touch of elegance and protection.


  • Manufacturing: Used as padding and protective packaging material for manufactured goods during production and assembly.
  • Automotive: Provides cushioning for automotive parts and components during shipping and handling.

Environmentally-Friendly Soft Foam Rolls

Soft foam rolls can be recycled, and recycling programs exist to collect and process polyurethane foam for reuse in various applications. Additionally, soft foam rolls contribute to sustainability by reducing the need for excessive packaging materials and minimizing product damage and waste.

Soft foam rolls offer flexible, lightweight, and cushioning packaging solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether used for packaging delicate items, enhancing product presentation, or providing padding for industrial goods, soft foam rolls provide reliable protection and peace of mind during shipping, handling, and storage. Call Source Mountain Supply today to order your soft foam rolls.

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