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Geofoam Lightweight Fill Solutions for Sustainable and Cost-Effective Construction

Welcome to our Geofoam Lightweight Fill Solutions page, where innovation meets sustainability in construction.

Our lightweight fill materials are engineered to provide structural support, soil stabilization, and thermal insulation in a wide range of civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Request a quote today.

Key Features of Our Below Grade Insulation

  • Lightweight: Reduce structural loads and construction costs with our lightweight geofoam fill materials.
  • Structural Support: Provide stable and reliable support for various applications, including bridge abutments, retaining structures, and stadium seating.
  • Soil Stabilization: Enhance soil stability and prevent settlement in embankments, built-up slabs, and berms.
  • Thermal Insulation: Minimize heat transfer and improve energy efficiency in below-grade structures and plaza decks.

Below Grade Insulation Applications

  • Bridge Abutments: Ensure stable and lightweight support for bridge abutments, reducing construction time and costs.
  • Retaining Structures: Provide effective support and stability for retaining walls and structures, minimizing the risk of settlement.
  • Soil Stabilization: Enhance soil stability and prevent settlement in embankments, built-up slabs, and berms.
  • Built-up Slabs: Reduce structural loads and improve insulation properties in built-up slabs and pavements.
  • Embankments: Create stable and lightweight embankments for roads, railways, and other infrastructure projects.
  • Stadium Seating: Construct durable and comfortable stadium seating using lightweight geofoam fill materials.
  • Berms and Land Forming: Shape and stabilize berms and landforms with lightweight and easy-to-handle geofoam.
  • Plaza Decks: Improve insulation and structural performance in plaza decks and pedestrian areas with lightweight geofoam fill.

 The Benefits of Low Grade Insulation

  • Cost Savings: Lower transportation and installation costs compared to traditional fill materials, such as soil or aggregate.
  • Construction Efficiency: Speed up construction timelines with easy-to-handle and install geofoam lightweight fill materials.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduce carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact with recyclable and environmentally friendly geofoam products.

Contact us today to explore the advantages of using our geofoam lightweight fill solutions in your next construction or infrastructure project.

Atlas Building Solutions Brochure (Rev. 01/13/23)

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